Dealer by Seth jani

My friend said he came across many miles.
The sea was wild in his voice.
“In everything,” he said
“There is a restless element,
A longing that could crack the earth.”

The hard egg of his body
Was full of ruptured light,
Full of savage, untamable lives,
And I too wanted to become
Bird-like and pure.

I followed him through every open window,
Under every bandage of the earth.
He said “Only in the bowels
May you learn to sing,
All music is made of fire.”

We sang, and the thirst between
Us grew,
The darkness keeled overhead.
From our deep, subterranean sorrows
Stars ascended through the night.

They too burned in the heavenly apparatus.
Somewhere between the cake
Of ash and reason
We tasted absolutes.
Pure grief and all its

Sister joys.
Longing like the taste
Of wild birds.
Elation, like one bit morsel
Of wind.

From him we learned to cut and measure
All the apocryphal fruits of man.